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Our Team

Here at New Direction Consulting, we are in partnership with a number of highly qualified consultants, all with extensive human-resource and change-management experience. Every team member shares our philosophy, culture and values.

Bel Popovic

Bel has always been curious about the decisions people make in life and business. This curiosity combined with a unique approach in facilitating challenging conversations with top teams allows her clients to tap into what is truly valued and how those values impact their results. Bel is an Organisational Psychologist and began her consulting career with Mckinsey & Company before moving into corporate executive roles.

Her passion is helping clients understand how their current culture impacts the execution of their future strategy, and what are the necessary culture changes needed for a different result . Her work ranges from facilitating top team interventions and organizational design, to strategy facilitation and executive coaching. By helping clients bridge the gap between their strategy and culture, Bel helps them drive a better business result, that is sustained over time.

In her consulting work over the past 16 years, Bel has served top teams in finance, retail, FMCG, telecommunications, IT, Banking and Pharmaceutical industries. She appreciates that her role as consultant is to ask robust questions that go beyond what clients have already asked themselves.

Executives enjoy her direct, thoughtful and pragmatic approach when working with complex culture problems. Her combined external consulting and internal advisor experience provides her with foundational links in strategy, leadership and culture. She grounds her work with what is ‘fit for purpose’ and delivers this in non-theoretical ways.

 Bio Photo - Bel Popovic