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Strategic Management Development

We will help your managers understand their importance in driving change within the organisation. They will become aware of the impact of their behaviour and communication and can then identify and play to their strengths.

Do your managers have confidence and knowledge, and do they behave in such a way as to execute your business strategy effectively?

The management level in any organisation is arguably the most important because it needs to bring the strategy to life. The managers need to coordinate most of the work and, therefore, they require support.

New Direction Consulting helps the managers understand their mindsets (their motivations, values and beliefs), how these govern their behaviour and how this, in turn, affects their peers, staff and leaders.

We use tools that capture feedback from their colleagues to highlight any behaviour the managers were unaware of. We also help the managers to identify their core strengths and how to play to them.

Importantly, our consultants help the managers to understand their crucial relationship with their leaders. Once the managers get to grips with some of the dynamics, they can improve this relationship by gaining confidence, grasping their responsibilities and looking at effective ways to challenge and communicate.

We also investigate instances where significant issues arise between managers and executives. When this occurs, it is common for each group to blame the other for failings in the organisation. We work with the organisation to break down the barriers and tackle any misconceptions that have arisen, developing and implementing solutions to ensure the senior levels of the organisation are moving in the same direction.

Once its managers have become attentive, authentic and accountable, an entire organisation is transformed for the better.