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Safety / Risk Culture

Release the potential in your organisation to promote, encourage and embed safety

The interface between behaviours and systems is the key factor in safety

New Direction Consulting

New Direction Consulting specialises in shaping an organisation’s culture by focusing on the processes, mindsets and behaviours that drive business performance

Our consulting team offers a fusion of operations experience, science and psychology to help leaders manage their culture, their results and their safety record.

At New Direction Consulting, many of our clients face difficulties with safety in their organisation. Despite good systems and training, safety is still a concern. Many people using our services comment that they need to change “the way we do things around here”. Company culture and employees attitidues have a significant impact on safety.

Our clients are drawn to our services because they are concerned about

  • Having the best standards of safety possible
  • Significant or frequent breeches of safety protocol
  • The loss of reputation for the organisation
  • Declining productivity
  • Compromised quality
  • Staff morale and wellbeing

If these issues impact your role or your organisation, New Direction Consulting through their partnership with Hogan Assessment Systems Inc. can help you reach a solution

Safety and Personality

When we are busy, we often overlook the importance of fundamentals. Safety is fundamental to an organisation’s reputation and profitability, and safety starts with the employees

Organisations need employees who can think and act safely. They must engage employees and create a culture of safety awareness that reaches from the junior employee to the executives. Personality measurement is a key predictor of employees’ attitudes and dispositions toward safety.

Hogan Assessments Systems Inc.

Hogan Assessments Systems Inc., in their work to help organisations understand how personality influences safety-related behavior, have built the Hogan SafeSystem Model, a competency model combining expert review of safety predictors and empirical evidence from more than 30 years of research.

New Direction Consulting uses Hogan’s approach to safety and have identified three components of workplace safety that are crucial for enhancing employee performance:

1. A culture of worker engagement – engaged workers will follow rules and regulations.

> This is assessed through The SafeSystem Climate Survey, which provides feedback regarding the perceptions of safety at all levels of the organisation and results in a company-wide safety score.

2. Worker personality – People have the potential to differ in their approach to safety

> This is measured using The Hogan Safety Assessment which evaluates employees and job applicants in terms of six safety-related competencies and provides valuable information for helping them develop safer work behaviors.

3. Organisational leadership – safety improves when it is valued by management

> The SafeSystem Coaching Process provides leadership with the data-based feedback needed to build and maintain a culture of safe working practices.

The Hogan SafeSystem

The Hogan SafeSystem is built on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the industry standard for predicting job performance. The HPI is supported by more than 30 years of research and is the foundation for thousands of current selection and development programs around the world

The process and the follow up report will help companies make upfront decisions about applicants for safety-sensitive organisations and help companies evaluate the safety orientation of their incumbent workforce. Once the assessment has been completed, NDC reviews the responses at the individual, group and organisational levels and produces a customised Safety Survey Report to benefit the safety processes within the organisation.

How can it help your company and your employees?

  • The results of the safety assessment can be used as a staff selection tool to identify candidates with the best intrinsic safety values and attitudes
  • It can assess the current working employees and can lead to valuable training and personal/professional development
  • It can highlight areas to address in order to decrease the number of incidents in the workplace
  • It can highlight attitudes towards safety which could compromise an organisation’s PR

We appreciate each organisation is different and therefore it is important that the services we offer are bespoke for your needs.

Please contact us! We can arrange an introductory discussion to explain any of our services, our approach and discuss the challenges your organisation faces.

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