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Executive Leadership

At New Direction Consulting, we will work with you to establish trust and confidence in your leadership team to deliver your business strategy effectively.

Do your leaders have the skills, knowledge and appropriate behaviour to execute your business strategy?

New Direction Consulting will help you to establish trust and confidence in your leadership to deliver your business goals effectively.

We help leaders to clarify and address specific elements of their mindsets and behaviour to maximise the impact on relationships and business outcomes.

We use market-leading scientific models to enhance leadership impact, enabling you to improve overall results, communication and processes while strengthening employee and customer engagement.

We employ our vast expertise in performance psychology to identify and measure the underlying characteristics and traits that drive behaviour and influence mindsets.

Our consultants use an empathetic, relational style to build trust and help the leaders draw on their personal history and life experience to benefit the business.

We always give people the space to think clearly and openly and we understand the importance of matching leaders to coaches with whom they feel comfortable, intellectually and professionally.

We offer specific coaching tailored to interacting with the board, dealing with hierarchy and managing difficult or crucial conversations.

All of our coaching uses psychological best practice and proven/validated tools to target strategic business needs.