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Culture Impact

Corporate culture can make a significant impact on the future financial performance of an organisation. We will work with you to define your corporate culture, pin-point where you want to go strategically and implement the changes needed to get there.

Do you have the right culture to execute your business strategy, goals and objectives effectively?

Culture Impact

New Direction Consulting will help you identify solutions to move to your desired culture, making a significant impact on your business at all levels.

We use modern yet proven approaches to enhance your business culture and improve overall results, communication and processes while boosting employee and customer engagement.

Culture Impact

With our vast experience and expertise in this area, we can identify and assess how best to align your culture to your business goals. We understand that the culture is a combination of influences from the present and legacies from the past built into the infrastructure and “ways of doing things here”.

Culture Impact

Our unique fusion of our field research knowledge and our previous experience in corporate culture consulting enables us to design, develop, implement and measure a solution that is customised to your business.

Understanding the patterns of behaviour, beliefs and communication within your organisation enables you to capitalise on your intrinsic strengths and to avoid potential pitfalls inherent to your organisation’s culture, in order to achieve your business strategy and help increase competitive advantage.

Our whole system approach focuses on four dimension of organisations

Culture Impact

We use rigorous, fit-for-purpose diagnostics to identify the behaviour gaps within your business and work with you to embed the behaviours required for your desired culture.

You are in control of the process and we will collaborate with you at every stage, giving you the confidence and proficiency to implement your own solutions over time.

We will enable you to align your whole organisation to your new direction in a way that is simple, affordable and manageable.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
— Peter Drucker