• New Direction Consulting

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Our approach is to work collaboratively with you and your teams, reviewing corporate mindsets, communication and behaviour to find solutions that deliver your business strategy.

At New Direction Consulting, we help you achieve enhanced “ways of working” to enable you to drive significant and sustainable business growth. We are fully committed to your success. By working closely with you every step of the way, we will gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamental areas of your business. Using this knowledge, we will create a bespoke solution designed to improve culture, communication and behaviour in your organisation. Our highly qualified team comprises experts in business psychology, commerce, research and corporate culture – a unique fusion of professional knowledge that will deliver effective and long-lasting results for your organisation. We always ensure that we deliver our programmes with a personalised and human touch, balancing care and empathy with challenge and stretch. By focusing your people on your key business goals, we help you to achieve greater employee engagement, accountability and long-lasting performance. We will help you release potential at all levels. For example, we can help you overcome problems such as:

  • employees and teams being held back by negativity, apathy or frustration
  • the misalignment of – or lack of cohesion regarding – corporate goals and strategies
  • structures and systems that hinder productivity
  • leaders who are unaware of the unspoken messages they give employees
  • tensions between different departments that affect profitability and performance
  • the inability of management to manage upwards and downwards effectively
  • bad news being hidden or denied
The hallmark of our approach is our hands-on personal relationship with the key stakeholders in every project. We work closely with you throughout the entire project to maximise the timing and sequencing of solutions and results. We immerse ourselves in your reality to make your challenge our challenge and then implement a strategy to deliver significant change.