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  • Culture Impact
    Corporate culture can make a significant impact on the future
    financial performance of an organisation.
    We will work with you to define your corporate culture,
    pin-point where you want to go strategically and
    implement the changes needed to get there.

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    Culture Impact
  • Executive Leadership
    At New Direction Consulting, we will work with you to establish trust
    and confidence in your leadership team to deliver your business
    strategy effectively.
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    Executive Leadership
  • Strategic Management Development
    We will help your managers understand their importance in driving change within
    the organisation. They will become aware of the impact of their behaviour and
    communication and can then identify and play to their strengths.
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    Strategic Management Development
  • Conflict Mediation
    Conflict is a natural part of the creative cycle but some
    conflicts are protracted, stubborn and vicious. Our mediation
    programme helps release frustration and tackle negativity in a
    safe and structured manner.
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    Conflict Mediation
  • Executive Selection Assessment

    Operations, team dynamics and corporate culture can suffer when the executive
    selection process goes wrong so it is crucial that your organisation always
    picks the ideal candidate for the job.
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    Executive Selection Assessment
  • Safety / Risk Culture
    Release the potential in your organisation to promote, encourage and embed safety
    Safety / Risk Culture

Welcome to New Direction Consulting

At New Direction Consulting, we are passionate about unlocking the potential of your business by releasing the potential of your people.

We are a dynamic, forward thinking and highly experienced company that is fully committed to improving our clients' effectiveness. We do this by aligning your business goals strategically to your personnel's performance and your company's culture.

Our unique and market-leading methodology combines commercial, scientific, and psychological expertise to achieve significant, highly effective and sustainable results for your business.

Effective Leadership


We work with you to look at the needs of your organisation. You may need a more effective leadership team. You may want to improve the way management behaves and communicates.

Alternatively you may want to refine your overall organisational culture to ensure you are in shape for your future plans and growth.

Corporate Leadership

Our Team

We have a network of experienced consultants and coaches who have a wealth of experience in helping clients. As a minimum requirement they all have previous experience in corporate roles and a professional training in applying psychology to business.

Psychology in Business

NDC Blog

Our blogs aim to educate about the science of personality and personal development and how these impact on organisational behaviours and culture.

We aim to translate leading academic understanding and best business practice into insights that will help you improve yourself and your organisation.

Recent News

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